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When they hear “Fleet Street Shop” many people think of “Fleet Street” in London, an area whose shops offer unique, historic and often rare products.

Fleet Street buildings have ranged from houses for English Bishops to brothels.  Curiously, the wealth of the area has always been on display in curio shops or auction houses.

The one thing that has remained constant is that high quality items are always available for right price.

That’s how we think of our “Fleet Street Shop.” Here you will find rare, one of a kind items, including art, First Edition books, hard to find glass pieces and more.

If you see that we only have “1 item in stock” that’s because it is a find, scoop it up now!$9 

We do reserve the right to void any sale if the computer makes a mistake, but usually, if your credit card goes through, it’s yours.

Feel free to contact us if you need to ask additional questions about an item.

We welcome your interest.

We really are sisters, old enough to have lived with quite a few of the “Mid Century” items we now sell; young enough to keep up with the latest in decorating , fashion and decor We even have been present for the re- birth of some of the latest newest hottest trends. is named in honor of our late mother Gloria, who was a force in the antique scene around Annapolis, Maryland for many years. Her last shop was located on Fleet Street in that colonial town; not London or even the Fleet Street in Boston.

 Mother was self taught, as were most women at that time, and her knowledge of values and authentication of antiques was amazing, but it was her innate sense of style and decor that served her well for many years. She showed us the highs and lows of the antiques and collectibles business. And I mean the high to low! She always said “look up and look down”, while perusing shelves and attics because most missed treasure will be there!

 I think we really learned the meaning of her determination to succeed when, at a country farmhouse auction, a wild boar of huge proportions charged through the auction startling the attendees. We hid behind a dresser, she held her ground and made some deals.

 Linda, “the elder,” as I affectionately call her (mother was “she who must be obeyed”) inherited mother’s style and fashion sense. She can walk into seedy thrift shop and come out with a Cassini, Gucci or de La Renta treasure. She has a great feel for color and patterns. In her alternate life, she held a number of executive positions, including the Federal Government in Washington, D.C. She also partnered with our Mother in the antique business, running a high scale second hand clothing shop. She had training as an artist at the Boston School of Fine Arts. She continued to develop her skills after her retirement. She now concentrates on and her thriving company, Sanibel Soul Jewelry company.

I was the original reluctant participant in the business. I was the hauler, the runner, the packer. I went on to become a police officer and detective on the city police force in Washington D.C. I still collected and helped out while I rose through the ranks. I remember finding a Stengel mug with Richard Nixon on it in an alley trash can as I was looking for evidence in a purse snatching. I retired as a Lieutenant and went on to loafing around until the antique “gene” struck again. I have been able to catch up on the steep learning curve of business through avid reading and study…in other words…the Internet.


I would love to say that we have some altruistic need to bring bargains to the people, but I can’t do that….what we are doing is trying to match that one great object to the person who has been searching for it. Sort of like going to the animal shelter, finding your new best friend and skipping the adoption papers. We want to be successful, but most of all, we still want to be part of the fun and excithe great treasure hunt that collecting really is.

 We are also trying out a category of “American hand made” products to give some creative folks an opportunity to showcase their gifts and talents for only a token charge.

 So, remember, we may have what you have been searching for……the only way to find out is to check our site and happy hunting!

Joyce Hennessey-Mastin and Linda Schulz



The  first Fleet Street Shop proprietor, our Mother, Gloria Hennessey, 1925-2010.